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Like everyone we know, we continually miss calls from numbers we don't recognize. Unsure if the call is genuine, we often try to look up the number - only to find little or no useful information. So we decided to create a site of our own - a place where people can share helpful information about different numbers and, with the help of others, find out exactly what call they missed.


Latest Feedback

432-271-5062   2019-12-11 21:10:43
Scam debt mediation assistance offers. Offering to mediate debts that are outside the statute of limitations for debt collection. They claim the debt as active from 2012, which places the 7 year statute at 2019. They are wrong however for the single debt that's been called upon by 3 different companies like this, the debt actually was from 2010 which makes this 2 years older than legally able to collect upon, and yet "we're not debt collectors, we help people mediate collection efforts on their behalf" ... right.. and the moment they get any money toward that debt, it would make it alive again and have another 7 year statute applied! horrible people trying to trick others into it.

725-207-1730   2019-12-11 07:09:56
Said he make fake ids, took my money and vanished. Dont bother!

563-214-1386   2019-12-06 15:49:07
Sirius XM

866-527-8555   2019-12-03 06:47:00
Telling me my SS number was compromised. It is a SCAM.

423-653-9305   2019-11-30 18:32:28
This is a book publisher, 341 Enterprise

509-759-0979   2019-11-29 09:20:54
I got the best phone call from this number, it was like magic!! Totally awesome caller.

513-507-0932   2019-11-27 17:35:02
Called 4 times in a row and left multiple voicemail messages about delivering documents. Will be calling the police to file a telecommunications harassment charge.

714-697-8464   2019-11-22 00:40:05
Scam text - you won a Walmart gift certificate

757-210-5812   2019-11-20 17:55:06
Caller ID says United States. I never heard of this area code. I’m blocking it.

714-697-6309   2019-11-19 22:22:26
It was a congrats regarding a code printed on my last Walmart receipt & I was among 7 randomly picked customers for $1000 gift card promotion, also the message included a link to click that looked suspicious.

757-210-5243   2019-11-18 15:18:56
fake caller ID SCAM

512-213-0920   2019-11-13 18:01:32
Scam likely. Missed call, no voicemail.

226-681-2776   2019-11-07 21:19:50

605-714-8026   2019-11-04 19:41:44
Scam txt about winning a gucci bag

415-669-5200   2019-10-31 16:30:33
Social Security SCAMMER!

760-474-6217   2019-10-28 10:41:14
Pls don’t contact this number it’s scams

760-474-6217   2019-10-28 10:40:41

760-474-6217   2019-10-28 10:39:58
Scams scams

760-474-6217   2019-10-28 10:39:47
This one are scammers

760-474-6217   2019-10-28 10:39:28
Don’t give no info this scam

760-474-6217   2019-10-28 10:39:08
This one all the way scammers

760-474-6217   2019-10-28 10:38:46
Scammers scammers scammers

760-474-6217   2019-10-28 10:38:13
This is scams don’t give no info about code and don’t send gift card pictures this scams

415-964-4589   2019-10-25 16:36:50
Social Security doesn't call you they send a letter I got 6 calls this mornimg

415-964-4589   2019-10-25 15:57:03
Calls reported to come from the Social Security Administration - about a social security number - through investigation of the Federal Crime and Investigation Department, Must be from a crooked Democratic politician's office since it is coming from California

415-964-4589   2019-10-25 14:52:25
Says they are from social security and number has been locked. No mention of name. Its a scam for sure.

719-398-0515   2019-10-24 02:55:43
Scam Call, no suspicion about it. 719 398-0515 (Likely spoofed) - Robo dialed, CID showed Buena Vista, CO (Tiny agricultural town in central CO, has one tiny museum, only other industry is river rafting tours (seasonal - not in winter) and a small amount of tourist support, no real reason to solicit). No message left. Typical MO for Scammer/Phisher/Criminal, if they were legit then they would not need to hide behind bogus CIDs and would leave 'real' messages. Also uses phone number: 719-280-1503, & 719-280-1507 Block and move along.

918-869-3701   2019-10-23 08:11:16
Just another whore in his contacts. Lol

613-849-2911   2019-10-18 18:03:28
Claimed to involve some crime involving the receiver and asks you to press 1 to talk to an officer.

415-852-2211   2019-10-15 22:03:31
Left VM in Chinese. Spam

734-892-6880   2019-10-13 00:34:18
Received odd text. Maybe have typoed number. I don't know this person. Did not text back.

660-217-1766   2019-10-11 14:01:02
Standard health insurance scam: scammer tried to get my Social Security number, birth date.

630-300-2846   2019-10-09 15:53:21
generic scam recording regarding "your vehicle's extended warranty."

618-352-7947   2019-10-02 21:22:32
I did not recognize the number and did not answer. No message was left.

940-477-7047   2019-10-01 19:05:30
Automated call stating fraudulent activity on my deceased husbands social security number.

731-260-1869   2019-10-01 18:37:00
Was asking for donations for police. Deep voiced southern accent however very pushy and was asking for a card number once I said I might donate. Hung up on them, then their number neighbor started incessantly calling.

713-352-8137   2019-09-29 12:23:37
The number ‭713-352-8137‬ “implies” that it is Houston, TX number. However, based on the voicemail left, by a young woman speaking rapidly in Chinese or Japanese, I believe that the number is a redirect from a scam caller. Not knowing Chinese, I have no other info regarding the purpose of the call or the caller’s true identity and source. I blocked it.

226-635-2986   2019-09-27 15:55:58
Call from the US stating they are from the Canadian justice dept- press 1 to talk to someone about charges at hand. Scamming for your money.

843-371-1707   2019-09-27 00:34:56

843-371-1707   2019-09-26 18:48:22

601-724-7920   2019-09-21 21:28:20
continues to call. Never a message. Even calls on the weekend. I do not answer unavailable number I don't recognize.

806-425-0040   2019-09-18 19:40:45
Stated that my social security number has been compromised and has been suspended that I need to call them back.

917-768-9402   2019-09-17 02:01:16

928-452-2822   2019-09-12 21:45:15
i keep getting calls from this number 9284522822 and when I pick it up, a auto voice says "goodbye" I tried to look it up, they say the number does not exists? tried to call it and the operator says "I didn't complete the number as dialed ???

850-876-8388   2019-09-09 15:48:28
Keeps texting about 6100 n summit Dr Fairmount

619-768-3703   2019-09-08 21:23:44
Female escort

631-203-2232   2019-09-06 15:55:11
calls every day leaves not message

602-562-9831   2019-09-04 02:58:09
Getting scam texts with phishing links spoofing iCloud from 602-562-9831 about my stolen iPhone.. chickenshits won't respond to my replies.

808-762-2152   2019-09-03 20:11:51

938-200-9894   2019-08-24 06:06:35
Asks for bank card details

828-761-1803   2019-08-24 03:36:23
do not answer hes a predator

323-266-9574   2019-08-23 20:56:40
SS scam call.

506-455-2067   2019-08-23 18:30:15
he does not leave a message, but calls every day for the 2 weeks.

323-266-9574   2019-08-23 18:20:32
Uses threats regarding social security number. The criminal using this scam must not be very intelligent. Perhaps a few years in prison would help.

720-213-3586   2019-08-22 19:11:57
Some guy that wont identify himself keeps calling and harassing us. You know it's a scam when they will not identify who or why they are calling.

720-213-3586   2019-08-22 18:14:05
Will not identify themselves, but demand that you identify who you are. SCAM/SPAM.

832-511-8784   2019-08-16 18:57:57
polite, native english speaker with no obvious accent, did not identify their company or own name nor nature of call. Apologised and claimed they would remove number when told no one of the name they asked for was here.

908-954-8464   2019-08-14 15:20:04

863-220-9464   2019-08-12 13:51:33
Well it must be Facebook employees or Google employees playing games like they been doing for many yrs. They call but don't say anything so you Google & facebook employees have all the fun you like untill you get fired

647-490-6917   2019-08-06 15:55:46
scammer asking for all sorts of personal information ie sin # ,address, drivers license, banking information etc..

740-224-1509   2019-08-05 19:24:56
No message left... if I DON'T know, forget it, grrrr

619-768-3703   2019-08-03 22:19:14
Adult escort service

613-800-3071   2019-08-01 19:04:13
Called multiple times over a few minutes.No answer whenIsaid hello.Left last call to ring out without answering

601-663-8159   2019-07-26 12:09:02
Early morning calls are irritating.

601-663-8159   2019-07-26 12:09:02
Early morning calls are irritating.

830-603-1000   2019-07-25 12:46:46
Call me

514-468-0225   2019-07-22 17:21:40
Automated message spoken by a woman in some asian language. Call made to Canada. 514 is a main area code in Montreal (Canada) but the call seemed to be from oversea.

770-756-1999   2019-07-09 14:38:36
Didn't answer; no message left.

407-250-7174   2019-07-06 00:42:53
Hang up

407-250-7179   2019-07-06 00:41:48
No message/hang up

843-560-4076   2019-06-28 15:06:17
These folks are scammers.

450-779-1175   2019-06-23 00:31:00
mon celle a sonné drôlement;c`étais un message texte qui disais en premier allo et au deuxieme ca va; qui que tu soit appelle donc au lieu de texter dérangent

450-779-1175   2019-06-23 00:30:57
mon celle a sonné drôlement;c`étais un message texte qui disais en premier allo et au deuxieme ca va; qui que tu soit appelle donc au lieu de texter dérangent

450-779-1175   2019-06-23 00:30:51
mon celle a sonné drôlement;c`étais un message texte qui disais en premier allo et au deuxieme ca va; qui que tu soit appelle donc au lieu de texter dérangent

450-779-1175   2019-06-23 00:30:47
mon celle a sonné drôlement;c`étais un message texte qui disais en premier allo et au deuxieme ca va; qui que tu soit appelle donc au lieu de texter dérangent

202-766-3942   2019-06-19 16:45:46
Robo call warning me about "fraudulent activity with my SSN" and telling me to "press one now!"

202-941-7212   2019-06-18 21:43:19
automated call in Chinese

850-391-1916   2019-06-12 13:02:01
I am going to find these bastards and their asses are mine. They are using my dead father's name as their caller i.d.

720-870-8211   2019-06-05 17:21:45
I have been called 2x in the last 24 hours. It starts with a robot calling about my warranty that is about to expire. When I transferred to a person (to ask them to stop calling me), I got YELLED at and told that it is my responsibility to only answer the phone when I know the number. I was further told that this person/company doesn't call people so it's not their fault I'm too stupid not to take this call (paraphrase mine). Note that this came in on my business phone.

503-489-3829   2019-05-25 22:51:13
January Palmer from Gresham. No idea who this chick is tho. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

484-202-0926   2019-05-24 14:15:35
Scam attempting to steal Social Security Numbers

334-828-7589   2019-05-23 22:29:11
Rain Soft ( I asked 3 x to verify the name of the company) about a Target Gift card, from a survey I dont remember filling out. Could be legit, could be spam.

475-325-2757   2019-05-23 12:35:16
Called at 8:05 AM this morning. Left no name, but sounded like the guy who calls for the retired firement.

717-732-2291   2019-05-20 23:30:37

336-568-0070   2019-05-17 19:50:48
Selling travel packages

804-596-0899   2019-05-14 12:49:45
It's a fraud

423-510-0940   2019-05-10 14:15:20
This app did not do anything so how can I leave a comment

205-754-4159   2019-05-07 17:44:33
Possible scam call informing of suspicious activity of my social security number. Press 1 and then a thank you. Left a voice mail.

626-238-6140   2019-05-06 18:28:47
I got the same exact message.

626-238-6140   2019-05-06 16:57:26
I got the exact same message.

626-238-6140   2019-05-06 16:40:24
They didn’t state who was in custody or would be taken into custody. The call is designed to make us afraid and give them a call. Then they’ll probably ask for personal info or money to clear our name. My phone Transcript shows recorded call: “_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ custody by the federal officers as there are four serious allegations pressed on your name at this moment we would request you to get back to the office so that we can discuss about this case before taking any legal action against you the number to reach us is 626-238-6140 I repeat 626-238-6140 thank you…”

919-522-0004   2019-04-24 20:46:53
scam text

757-699-1489   2019-04-19 17:53:19

916-845-3359   2019-04-18 20:25:51
claiming to be from FTB of california

631-203-2105   2019-04-17 21:33:26

404-610-6714   2019-04-17 17:01:27
They call and hang up on me

316-830-5040   2019-04-16 20:47:41
send a reply back tell them to remove you from there calling list, and place your number on the DO NOT CALL LIST , THAT Also includes all Texting too.

316-830-5040   2019-04-16 20:44:50
Will send a message using text messaging, send a reply with no reply back.

805-335-1838   2019-04-15 21:31:47
Claims they're the IRS accusing you of a tax fraud.

419-466-3212   2019-04-09 22:26:44
A bit of a cunt , keeps calling but will not answer after pick up

832-754-1571   2019-04-09 14:58:48
Scammer auto call

760-356-8468   2019-04-05 17:06:08
Robo call advising me to call their hotline before legal action is taken. Out of Holtsville California. Scam for sure.

613-800-0112   2019-04-04 00:53:17
Male caller asking for me by name at 840pm. When I said speaking, he asked me to verify my name and address, and that he was calling from Bell. I said he called me and he told me to call Bell. He hung up without leaving me a contact number.

415-852-3992   2019-04-01 21:20:40
Spam call. Voicemail left in another language

206-441-8772   2019-04-01 17:43:25
Automated call: Recording claimed my SS# has been used in filing false tax forms and proceeding have been started against me. Press #1 to speak to a representative. (yah right......I hung up)

431-336-1694   2019-03-29 22:07:46
Scam fake refund from rodgers

740-224-1907   2019-03-28 16:20:26
Bill collectors, wrong number, told them, they keep calling. Quite rude and used profanity when i complained about their mistake.

450-855-4393   2019-03-27 13:42:03
Did not answer, no message left!

954-280-3876   2019-03-26 17:23:34
Keep spam calling me

936-340-7416   2019-03-23 20:46:51
Spam. Fake person.

415-852-1545   2019-03-21 06:21:19
Caller left a message in Chinese! I had two friends also called by this number on the same day. We think they have our numbers from data sold by Facebook.

415-852-0102   2019-03-20 14:37:08
Left a recorded message on a business line. It's all in Chinese.

415-852-6219   2019-03-18 17:00:53
Mandarin Chinese recording..scam/advertising.

320-313-1205   2019-03-16 23:00:58
This number sent me a message saying they are DoorDash regarding my order from a restaurant. But I never made any order.

812-436-1638   2019-03-15 21:19:43
Fake IRS scammer

740-943-1564   2019-03-15 17:26:13
Grandparent Scam - wanted bail money to get released after being arrested in a crash.

580-740-1717   2019-03-14 23:49:08
Number dialed me twice in a 5 Minute span in between another known robo call number

954-280-2812   2019-03-14 16:55:43
Sounds like someone is calling to check your home ownership

847-278-9226   2019-03-14 14:47:02
Live caller, a man calls and says "This is Chase Bank How are you?" I hang up and report each call to the FCC, FTC and to Chase Bank but the calls keep coming. If you get this call and pick up the phone, hang up without a word. The FTC told me that answering machines show that you have a working number and that voice mail is better but that can cost. Turning off the answering machine can make the caller think the number is non working but what if you're expecting a call? Also Chase Bank claims they never called me.

412-577-9610   2019-03-10 15:39:53
Unknown caller. no message left.

602-562-9233   2019-03-08 17:11:44
claims to be the IRS - sketchy scam

239-362-2547   2019-03-08 02:23:05
Can you hear me scam.

606-621-0274   2019-03-07 17:18:39
Posing as Chase Bank Debit Card

936-340-2044   2019-03-06 17:43:50
Called the number they said, "Thanks for calling the social security " I HUNG UP!

415-891-2510   2019-03-01 03:50:06

740-771-7025   2019-02-25 15:56:53
Harrassing and threatening.

937-985-4842   2019-02-24 21:14:51
Scammer POS!!

937-985-4842   2019-02-24 21:14:30

937-985-4842   2019-02-24 21:14:09
Claims to be a US military man. He is a scammer!!

832-213-0046   2019-02-22 17:45:37
Called three times before Noon on 2019-02-22; no messages left; I did not answer. BLOCK it.

925-966-1096   2019-02-21 17:50:53
Phony number, could not be completed as dialed.

832-213-0046   2019-02-21 16:55:32
Called me FOUR TIMES in one morning, included once after I asked, very politely, to take me off their call list. Block this number.

718-887-9063   2019-02-20 20:55:28
I did not know the number 718 887 9063 so I did not pick it up. They didn't leave a message .

541-500-4595   2019-02-20 18:15:51
I received a text message stating "today was the second delivery attempt, if you want you can see your delivery status here,..." and they left a url to click on. I didn't click on the link but did block future calls/texts from the number. By the way, I am not expecting a delivery.

952-475-8909   2019-02-15 05:16:22
952-475-8909 leaves 6 calls a day claiming to sell pain reliever equipment but caller ID reads Wells Fargo

313-626-3862   2019-02-14 18:44:23

334-458-8417   2019-02-11 14:38:58
Trucker recruiting agency

334-828-7467   2019-02-08 23:16:30
So this little jerk has been calling the last couple of days. The calls increased with frequency this morning, and when I answered no one even responded and hung up. And then they had the nerve to call back again. If you try to call their number back, you get an out-of-service message. But it's not really out of service, it's just filtering calls. I know because I have the same sort of app on my phone. They can still see when people are calling. So I called them back. 100 times in a row. They have not called again. And if they do, next time it will be 1,000. See? I can be irritating and obnoxious too!

843-792-1839   2019-02-08 22:02:54
Calling with important info on your credit card. BS

863-220-9240   2019-02-03 21:57:02
Spoofed number robo call.

403-266-1183   2019-02-01 21:30:07
403-266-1183 SCAM CALL: Hi this is Julia. Congratulations your business has been pre-approved for a 250,000 small business loan. Press 1 now to speak to a cash specialist

909-281-5167   2019-01-30 01:13:06
Listed as Big Bear City, CA

703-854-4214   2019-01-30 01:11:56
Listed as Gannett

213-624-6654   2019-01-30 01:10:50
Listed as Gilmour Hanigan.

312-876-1363   2019-01-30 01:09:38
Came in as a call from Walgreens, but they were from India.

386-221-2919   2019-01-30 01:08:05
Came in as NCPT

386-221-2659   2019-01-29 18:10:15

717-621-7048   2019-01-25 14:07:10
Me llaman y no dejan mensaje,no contesto llamada de numero desconocido

775-319-4345   2019-01-24 16:46:05
We received a call at 8:01 this morning and it was a solicitation call for some National Police Organization!

330-353-8156   2019-01-21 23:08:48
Incoming call, no voicemail

818-740-3200   2019-01-21 22:47:22
They said I had applied for a job with them, but when I asked what job it was regarding, they ignored my question and attempted to get personal information from me.

416-447-1913   2019-01-16 22:37:06
This was a robo call and in Chinese , I just hung up onit

949-284-9251   2019-01-16 18:03:13
stupid severely mentally disturbed individuals

613-324-2999   2019-01-16 02:14:31
Roboscam. Message left but was as long as my voice mail greeting.

804-374-1579   2019-01-16 00:12:10
Sent unwanted suggestive picture of young lady by txt.

864-203-8606   2019-01-11 22:33:41
SCAM! BEWARE! Got 3 messages from this number, all with the same pre-recorded message stating that my social security number has been used in a crime in Texas, and to call back for more info. They want people to call and give them 1) your name and 2) social security number. Then they will have your private info to actually commit identity fraud against you. Don't fall for this scare tactic. If your social security number has actually been used in a crime, you will get a letter from the IRS notifying you of the crime, not some pre-recorded message from an unknown number.

415-852-6963   2019-01-10 19:41:11
Apparently the Chinese consulate is holding mail from me. Luckily i know someone who can translate this call. A recorded voice calls me a couple times a week for over a year now (from slightly different SF numbers, or sometimes random local numbers which i call back and get someone different). I wish i could get it to stop.

980-221-2005   2019-01-10 17:50:39
Last several days have received calls from this number. Usually one in the morning and one in the afternoon. No one has said anything yet. Very annoying.

740-224-1907   2019-01-09 18:36:29

804-374-4270   2019-01-08 22:32:35
Random text message received

888-718-7691   2019-01-03 18:40:12
Funny but creepy because they knew my home address. Said they tried to serve papers and that I missed my deposition. None of this is real. Assholes.

937-474-4011   2019-01-02 18:41:27
Scammer don’t pick up!

415-891-8296   2018-12-31 19:17:06
Caller said they had the wrong number, looking for Frankie. Different number, looking for same person - would get repeated calls from different numbers. 1st couple of numbers I traced back to the prison system.

847-469-3945   2018-12-30 06:50:01
Got a text asking my name and when I ask who is it ? No response.....

810-634-8605   2018-12-28 23:09:13
Career Advisor Center

437-984-3303   2018-12-26 06:05:52
Fraudulent. This person stole from my mother by claiming he would provide her with a product he never intended to. Took her money and ran. Beware!

651-321-2773   2018-12-24 22:00:57
They call around 1:30 in the morning. Stay on the line for about 16 seconds and hang up. I hear another phone ring in the background. It is very odd. When I call back, it is not a number that can take a call.

709-674-1885   2018-12-22 23:54:53

931-567-8162   2018-12-21 15:51:18

781-236-6765   2018-12-20 15:50:30
offering to extend a car warranty I don't have

406-813-7340   2018-12-13 19:50:49
I just received a call from this number talking about a federal student loan and repayment options. This number is registered to mcimetro transmission services, who deals with automobiles, so I would love to know why I received the call about a student loan

925-270-1550   2018-12-12 22:08:56
Got a text from this number saying he was John. and was offering cash for home. This guy is a most likely a scammer. Do not follow his converstation. I reported him to the Federal Trade Comission.

928-290-1017   2018-12-11 22:18:34
calls but never leaves a message, if you can't leave a message then your call ends up on my blocked caller list, to bad you're so stupid that you don't know what a dropped call means

302-274-0802   2018-12-10 17:42:19
Left message. Claims that there are changes to my student loan and to return their call. That’s BS. I know they don’t call about that. I’m up to date and if there was an issue they would send a letter not a phone call. As a 50 yr old graduated college student, do they think I’m stupid?

386-221-2659   2018-12-06 19:16:27
Caller ID said Support Officer. No one there when I picked up. Called back Police Donation.

847-440-5351   2018-12-05 04:25:21
SSI showed up on caller ID just another scammer

888-718-7691   2018-12-03 20:47:39
I also received one that I missed my disposition at 8am today and my guy was Ryan Perry. Scammers. If I had a disposition I would have been served papers and I have lived in the same place for six years. Not hard to find.

806-425-0040   2018-12-03 19:50:08

765-688-1432   2018-11-29 11:04:34
Who ever this is called 2 times at 4am this morning went to voice mail bothe times but there was nothing but air in the back ground. Thinking a scam but not positive

951-904-6919   2018-11-27 20:13:14
Missed call. When I called back, the operator said the call couldn't be completed as dialed. Scam autodialer

386-221-2659   2018-11-23 15:25:37
Stop calling

206-479-4834   2018-11-21 23:56:28

415-295-0839   2018-11-20 17:00:42
11/20/2018 at 11:17 AM … We received call from this number requesting a call back and threatening legal consequences if we didn't return call.

415-295-0839   2018-11-20 15:52:04
Recorded message threatening legal action if our attorney did not call them back.

859-577-9909   2018-11-20 15:16:30
This number left a message about data entry work, asking me to go to their website.

806-425-0040   2018-11-19 19:31:54
"Davenport Freeman" is texting me from this number to ask if I'm "still interested in a job"...?????

360-761-1371   2018-11-15 21:42:58
Claimed he was from United Treasury Office. Call sounded very far away and he sounded like he was from India.

888-718-7691   2018-11-15 05:33:09
This is a scam, I’ve experienced the same calls and messages! Fuck you jim Marshall ya prick !

415-852-7084   2018-11-14 23:25:03
Chinaman on a robocall.

806-425-0040   2018-11-13 15:28:06
Received a text message claiming to be with LPL Financial and asking to do an online interview for a job. Scam because I didn’t apply at that company and the pay was ridiculously high for the job description given. Seemed fishy so I looked up the number.

386-221-2659   2018-11-13 12:36:53
caller ID said - ASUPORT POL - called on 11/12 so was not re voting

386-221-2659   2018-11-13 12:34:13
Don't know this number. Did not have my phone set to take a message. Only one person possibly two that I know who would call me from FL.

613-876-8730   2018-11-10 11:04:18
She's a local Kingston call girl.

832-213-0046   2018-11-07 20:22:48
offered water quality testing services

415-852-3911   2018-11-07 17:59:28
automated call, speaking Mandarin Chinese, I only understand a little Mandarin so can't figure out what the woman's voice is saying

415-852-2285   2018-11-07 17:56:40
constantly calling my cell phone, Speaking Chinese and I am not Chinese so have no idea what is being said. Very annoying.

925-270-1550   2018-11-07 01:41:48
I received a text from this number as well and I actually needed to sell my house and it worked out well. not a scam.

415-787-8631   2018-11-01 20:27:52
Another random caller

954-769-0475   2018-11-01 16:53:17
This is a scam call.

954-769-0475   2018-10-31 22:43:45
They left a message claiming legal charges against me and if I did not return their call, they “call the local cops”

919-551-4180   2018-10-31 19:01:35
Do trust him

919-551-4180   2018-10-31 19:00:24

325-206-6010   2018-10-31 18:55:45

806-425-0040   2018-10-31 02:41:08
Contacted about purchasing Mary Kay. Seemed like a scam

806-425-0040   2018-10-30 17:30:32
Received text message about purchasing MK products. Looks like a scam.

818-740-2986   2018-10-29 23:01:55
Sorry I miss your call

888-718-7691   2018-10-26 17:06:31
They said that I missed my deposition today at 8:00 a.m. and that I waived my rights in a complaint that was filed against me. Not sure what it is about but I work for lawyers and that is not how it works. They would have had to serve me with a subpoena to appear and/or the complaint.

929-380-8727   2018-10-26 14:21:20
Missed call, no Voicemail left.

361-289-8542   2018-10-25 19:32:14
This number called to my house phone answered it and no one said anything so I hung up. They called again didn't answer

281-738-3660   2018-10-23 20:49:19
281-738-3660 Marcus Called and said we won Yeti and Vacation. Had signed up from something at Splashtown. Just had to go tour or something... Bogus...

925-270-1550   2018-10-21 23:29:41
Same text msg offering to buy my home for 'all cash offer'

303-876-7278   2018-10-19 20:04:44
Silent scammer. Harassment

343-743-1053   2018-10-18 18:01:21
hang up caller

888-718-7691   2018-10-16 18:38:22
Received a call from this number stating that there was a complaint filed against me, but did not say what the complaint was and that it needed my immediate attention. I was to call Jim Marshall With Complain No. 4101162 and they hung up.

248-220-4365   2018-10-15 19:17:08
Leaves no message

211-800-1571   2018-10-14 14:42:34

520-279-3761   2018-10-12 19:43:17
I get calls from this number wanting me to get an extended warranty for the van that I don't own. I get 3 -4 calls a day. It is always an automated call.

832-789-4296   2018-10-12 16:11:22
You can file your scam complaint with the FTC online @ or call (202)326-2222

626-268-0825   2018-10-11 16:32:56
BEWARE of This SCAM Caller !!

626-268-0825   2018-10-11 16:32:40
BEWARE of This SCAM Caller !!

626-268-0825   2018-10-11 16:32:29
BEWARE of This SCAM Caller !!

626-268-0825   2018-10-11 16:32:19
BEWARE of This SCAM Caller !!

959-124-2522   2018-10-11 13:57:42

832-789-4296   2018-10-10 21:15:32
This call is a scam!!!! The caller claims to be from National Express Couriers. The woman states she is a process server for the State. She claims she has a subpoena for a civil suit to serve me and if I choose to call this number and clear it up then she won't have to come to my place of employment or my home.... Don't fall for the Okie Doke, America. She also somehow obtained the last four digits of someone's ss#. 1-Process servers are not bill collectors 2-832-789-4296 is not listed as a State Agency 3-I have checked my local court website and no civil suit has been filed against me... 4-Do not have any outstanding debt... Sorry not sorry... come up with a better scam scammers. Always check your information to make sure its a good phone number and there is a suit filed in associated counties...

740-224-2027   2018-10-09 21:49:31
Missed call left no message.

208-876-2995   2018-10-09 02:24:02
Caller ID V00817010146000927. Typical spam call -- date/time code indicates this call originated two time zones away, although the number was my area code. These bozos hijacked a local area code number to make one think it is a legitimate call. IDIOTS! BLOCKED! Would love to be able to stand next to this caller and have a frank discussion about real work.

747-204-1239   2018-10-08 22:28:20
Called but did not leave message.

309-205-5367   2018-10-05 19:32:38
Missed voicemail left

850-633-1045   2018-10-05 01:56:55
My second call from this number. I did not answer, and no message was left.

415-852-6007   2018-10-03 19:57:13
did not leave a voice message, most likely a scam, telemarketer or a solicitor

980-221-2857   2018-10-03 16:37:38

780-306-1736   2018-10-03 16:33:49
Scammers claiming to be from Canada Revenue. Automated call and when you call back they answer as Revenue Canada. Automated call is threatening lawsuits etc.

865-935-9803   2018-10-03 15:36:52
Scammed for $1500 for golf cart said we needed to pay with eBay gift cards. We did this then was told they needed $1000 more for insurance. We are now out $2500 & no golf cart. Had made a loan to purchase this now I have neither. We talked by email only with a woman that said her husband had passed away 2 months ago and her & her daughter was moving to Nebraska the cart was in bay #11 until it was purchased. Then it would be shipped to my home for inspection for 5 days. I talked to a guy named Michael & he said tracking number would be sent to my email. I got nothing, no answer by email or phone. I’m just sick, why can’t people get out there and work for the money like the rest of us do. Please BEWARE!!!

734-847-0609   2018-10-03 07:55:19

734-847-0609   2018-10-03 07:52:27

623-469-8482   2018-10-02 22:02:29
I keep get calls from these idiots. How many times do I have to tell the idiots that I do not want. 8 times so far.

541-444-3811   2018-10-02 21:47:11
It was creepy...why would a female get in her car and go pick up somebody who needs a driver in my area when I don’t even know this person. I’ve been getting calls from this number but finally wanted to say something because I’ve avoided them. And this time I just picked it up and it was creepy.

541-444-3811   2018-10-02 21:44:38
Said his name was Peter and he was calling from a recruiting agency. He said that there was someone in my area that needs a driver. I didn’t sign up with any recruiting agency. He was very invasive and kind of creepy. He avoided my questions when I asked him how he got my number so I just hung up.

415-852-7073   2018-10-02 20:38:52
Spammer call. Female voice speaking what appears to be Chinese

320-313-1228   2018-10-02 03:13:01

506-906-8269   2018-10-02 00:46:16
got a text from this person stating they were from nb proud and do I think Gallant should remain premier

507-246-6147   2018-10-01 18:36:53
This number sent to me from a tagged website member! Trying to find out if its legit or not?

715-229-3118   2018-09-27 14:49:30
Let it go to voice mail. Voice mail message left. Simply key tone sound once, then message ended.

415-852-9536   2018-09-26 17:42:38
Played a recorded message in Chinese

919-504-1399   2018-09-26 17:35:54
Called twice but didn't leave a voice-message.

475-244-1011   2018-09-26 16:35:54
Constantly Calls my cellphone , Id says : "United States" . This people also use : 475-244-1047 , 475-244-1030 , 475-244-1008 , 475-244-1050 , 475-244-1028 , 475-244-1032 , and 475-244-1053. I don't answer unknown callers.

226-935-8988   2018-09-26 08:03:34
Called several times in the middle of the night -- at 1AM, 2:15AM and 3:30AM. Did not leave a message. At 3:30, called 4 times within a few minutes.

995-826-8956   2018-09-25 05:26:03
Scammer, fraud

781-236-3566   2018-09-23 13:00:45
I got a nasty text message from this number

412-926-2065   2018-09-22 17:45:11
This scammer has called me multiple times from multiple numbers. Sometimes it’s about an auto loan other times it’s abiut refinancing a credit card. They start calling at 7am and have called up to 8 times in on day. Every time an automated message says to press 9 to be put on the dnc list. I have pressed it so many tines, my finger hurts. They just call from another 926 number. Finally, frustrated to no end, I started accepting the calls and pressed 1 to talk to someone. As soon as I start talking about the shit they pull, they hang up. This last time, I was polite and asked the man to please stop calling. He asked me,”when was the last time you shaved your p****?” I said excuse me hoping I heard him wrong in his briken English and he said,”suck my d***”. These calls are so obnoxious! Don’t answer!!

613-817-1736   2018-09-22 11:29:07
Scam calls

475-244-1053   2018-09-22 01:04:30
Go out and get a job and earn money loser, stop calling me

475-244-1053   2018-09-22 01:04:29
Go out and get a job and earn money loser, stop calling me

865-935-9803   2018-09-22 00:38:07
Yep....scammer! Dead husbands and Offut AFB in Nebraska seems to be a common denominator. Oh, they seem to be overstocked with John Deere products. LaffinMySillyButtOff

475-244-1053   2018-09-21 22:38:29
keeps calling

415-295-1182   2018-09-21 22:15:16

415-852-9536   2018-09-21 21:10:03
unknown caller left no message

475-244-1053   2018-09-21 15:52:53
Scam call just don't say hello'

865-935-9803   2018-09-21 00:52:29
SCAM.....$2500.00 dollars taken from a 15 yr old buying a jet ski from woman whose husband died. Ebay gift cards as well.

225-888-7887   2018-09-20 21:31:03
Miss call Video call all day

832-811-7391   2018-09-19 16:02:11
Tengo llamada pérdida de este número, regreso la llamada y dice que esta fuera de servicio, por lo que no es seguro este número.

614-350-6966   2018-09-19 14:18:18
Scammers, they call everyday and talk crap, when you ask them to stop calling they hang up and call again the next morning

847-518-1244   2018-09-18 19:06:13

417-265-5682   2018-09-18 17:31:46
Sent me a text message addressed to someone else. Says "It's Alex with the Missouri dems! Did you know that you have a right to a free photo ID?".

850-391-5649   2018-09-16 02:54:37
This number called me 20 times today. No messages. This needs to stop!

925-270-1550   2018-09-15 19:57:16
Got same text asking to buy home

405-493-6727   2018-09-14 22:16:58
They keep calling to get me to purchase additional coverage for my car because my warranty has ended. Not True and have told them over and over to not call again. They still call several times a day.

925-270-1550   2018-09-14 20:39:33
I don’t know how this person got my cell number and linked it to my address-but they texted me from 925-270-1550 asking me about selling my home.

619-768-3703   2018-09-14 00:28:41
Phone Sex

425-493-7687   2018-09-13 22:24:47

605-310-4068   2018-09-13 20:21:35
Called, did not recognize number, didn't answer, no message left

475-244-1028   2018-09-13 19:13:12
left no message

475-244-1028   2018-09-13 19:10:16
block immediately- scammer

475-244-1028   2018-09-13 18:59:29
Scam call just don't say hello.

475-244-1028   2018-09-13 16:41:30
Sequestering height disadvantaged individuals to star in midget porn palooza

737-230-8024   2018-09-12 22:07:05
this a scam!! reporting this to our state attorney's office

484-539-3150   2018-09-12 21:23:08
I just received a text message from this number, looks like spam to me, not a native English speaker. "A Payment arrived with your name the label of yours on it today and then we have to discover where you can post it. You should see it right here"

484-539-3150   2018-09-12 21:22:44
I just received a text message from this number, looks like spam to me, not a native English speaker. "A Payment arrived with your name the label of yours on it today and then we have to discover where you can post it. You should see it right here"

563-581-2574   2018-09-11 22:38:20
I have a recorder on my phone. If you have the guts, leave a message. Otherwise, I consider you as a scammer. Do not call me again. You have been blocked!

626-918-0577   2018-09-11 22:25:41

475-244-1026   2018-09-11 20:49:55
Say they are the its and under investigation and to call 515-441-7199

475-244-1026   2018-09-11 19:33:10

408-391-6370   2018-09-11 19:03:07
Fraud credit card caller

475-244-1026   2018-09-11 17:05:52
automated message pretending to be from visa.

905-471-3250   2018-09-10 23:03:09
Constantly receiving calls from 905 471 3250 regarding HVAC duct cleaning services.

737-230-8024   2018-09-10 22:11:51
Internal Revenue arrest warrant claim scam

737-230-8024   2018-09-10 21:02:18
Arrest warrant scam

737-230-8024   2018-09-10 20:13:32
Big time scammer

737-230-8024   2018-09-10 18:11:34

737-230-8024   2018-09-10 17:14:34

737-230-8024   2018-09-10 17:11:34
IRS arrest warrant claim scam

707-985-8606   2018-09-09 13:28:32
Creepy Robo text with the pre_ written word "hello" and your name.

865-935-9803   2018-09-08 19:36:06
Used the name Linda Prince

865-935-9803   2018-09-08 19:32:42
Husband died being deployed offutt usaf base selling 01 4x4 ranger $1600.00 sent invoice via email from ebay with tm symbol. pretty sure it’s a scam

907-787-9951   2018-09-08 04:14:54
This guy is out of his mind , totally destroyed my plants did a horrible job replacing them drive ways okay. Just totally discussed in the way they treated my property and the way they left it when they were done , drive way looked good but the yard was destroyed my plants the steps didn’t even line up straight house was scratched totally good job on the driveway but nothing else lined up just totally discussed will never call them again no even for their final payment !

980-221-0107   2018-09-08 00:18:28
Missed call..

859-492-3107   2018-09-07 19:16:28
I said HELLO & a man says I’ve got the wrong number & hung up🤷‍♀️ He was nice & said sorry

631-374-8182   2018-09-07 16:53:13
Aggressive and threatening caller.

334-413-6216   2018-09-07 16:24:36
Want say nothing

630-491-8536   2018-09-07 15:51:49
1st call from this number in 4 years, suspect spoofed number or call center spam

418-355-9549   2018-09-07 12:46:59

506-906-8266   2018-09-06 22:44:22
never leaves a message - probably a scam

778-200-0000   2018-09-06 20:15:17
Another CRA scam phone call

865-935-9803   2018-09-05 16:29:23

786-991-0179   2018-09-04 21:37:28
Spoke about some kind of fraudulent activity & I should contact them before legal action was taken. I haven’t done anything fraudulent

609-325-2151   2018-09-04 21:36:50
This number called saying they are IRS and that I owe the 8,200 and tried to threaten me with prison time if I didnt resolve immediately. I told them to fuck off and they got angry and hung up but before he hung up he said an arrest warrant is issued and they are coming for me.

817-268-8868   2018-09-04 20:43:40
This is a scammer. They have called me several times but when I call back it is not a working number.

416-727-6096   2018-09-04 16:10:16
Scammer doing the Grandparents scheme. DO NOT TRUST.

415-852-9549   2018-09-03 20:06:07
Missed a call from this # twice in one week. They did not leave a message either time

415-852-6224   2018-09-03 16:45:03
mandarin chinese robo call spam

902-250-3132   2018-09-03 12:25:16

989-559-7646   2018-09-03 00:17:50

580-290-2861   2018-09-01 20:26:25
Scam call

619-768-3703   2018-09-01 16:58:06

281-738-3660   2018-08-31 21:02:35
They've called 12 times in the last 4 days never leaving a message or speaking when I answer. I finally had to block them.

508-690-0754   2018-08-31 18:12:58
Received a text from this number in response to a craigslist ad with a link to check messages. The link is to a scam account trying to get your login infomation

789-721-3387   2018-08-31 15:18:13
Rajkaran. 7897213387

789-721-3387   2018-08-31 15:18:09
Rajkaran. 7897213387

813-574-1426   2018-08-31 14:48:31
Called and sat there silently with no response. Small noises in the background so someone WAS there. Likely not responding because of a deep male voice answering the call.

704-930-1212   2018-08-31 13:28:09
Receiving robocalls using these numbers. On 8/30 I received about a half a dozen calls from 704-930-XXXX, as XXXX equals the time of day. So for example, at 3:58PM I received a call from 704-930-1558 (1558 being the military time for 3:58PM). At 8:13PM, received a call from 704-930-2013. 2013 = 8:13PM. This morning, I received a call from 704-931-0916. 930 on 8/30 changed to 931 on 8/31. The time of this call was 9:16AM, hence the 0916 from 704-931-0916. Never answer any phone calls when the last 4 digits EQUAL the TIME OF DAY.

248-308-5237   2018-08-30 20:09:13
calls leaves no vm blocked

877-917-0552   2018-08-30 19:25:23

206-489-2911   2018-08-28 23:35:23

412-355-6006   2018-08-28 20:29:02
Unknown number to me, did not leave a message.

406-998-0149   2018-08-28 19:53:08
Do not talk to this person....scammer!!

475-244-1008   2018-08-28 18:35:27
Credit Card SCAM!

630-911-0444   2018-08-28 17:45:03
Indian sounding dude. Rude guy. Yelled at me when I said I was on do not call list. Keeps calling back

630-342-8765   2018-08-28 14:37:41
Selling car warranty

715-496-6800   2018-08-28 14:33:01
Nuisance caller

713-352-7666   2018-08-28 12:40:04
Called me at 758 am didn't leave a message or anything. When I called the number back it just played music then a recording message came after a few seconds and said all of our agents are busy with other customers and to leave a message after the tone.

713-352-7666   2018-08-28 10:44:53
This number called at 6:30 am, when I answered it hung up. Who is this

405-493-6208   2018-08-27 22:16:07
Continue to call and when returning call was always busy

805-295-2971   2018-08-27 21:11:43
Scammers. Loan forgiveness. Wants social security number and a debit card in addition to birth date, etc. Said its a great opportunity.

626-345-6529   2018-08-27 17:52:25
Missed call, no message left. Will not call back if no message or doesn't say who it was. Blocked caller

360-265-8580   2018-08-24 22:22:34
Phone rang. I answered. Nobody said anything. I hung up.

402-600-3062   2018-08-24 18:50:50

709-638-4495   2018-08-24 10:20:44
Called 2 am in the morning and woke me up

415-852-7076   2018-08-23 22:12:45
Hi Abigail, Yes I will marry you. Justice of the peace is fine.

629-525-7813   2018-08-23 19:24:41
I took some misscalls.

512-846-5034   2018-08-23 18:40:20
Called me twice back to back who is it. They don’t leave a message!!

512-846-5034   2018-08-23 18:26:18
Called me twice within 20 minutes.I didn't answer call

512-846-5034   2018-08-23 18:13:40
called me several times in an hour, I was in class and kept hitting ignore but they kept calling right on back.

775-349-7324   2018-08-23 17:00:37
Hang up. We get a lot of abandoned calls from Nevada, specially Ruth, Ely, Eureka and Austin. These are rural towns with very small populations. My assumption is that scammers operate from unallocated phone numbers from that area.

775-349-7324   2018-08-23 16:57:38
Unsolicited. Left no message

985-840-2040   2018-08-23 16:30:06
472523676323 9858402040

475-244-1030   2018-08-23 15:53:53
Hang up, left no message.

506-906-8266   2018-08-22 20:39:35
Has called me multiple times in the last month. Never leaves a message. Looked up the Registrant Company (which I have NEVER heard of before) and something just seems off.

812-436-5686   2018-08-22 17:47:20
This may be spam. No message was left. I don’t answer unidentifiable calls

901-875-0036   2018-08-22 00:51:17
Scam caller!!!

623-469-9947   2018-08-21 23:01:30
Got as a scam likely

320-313-1228   2018-08-21 20:23:11
Call constantly and no one awnsers. Call back and get a recording dial 1 to stop getting calls from us. Who are these jerks?

310-962-4095   2018-08-21 00:03:35

925-270-1550   2018-08-20 20:14:18
I don’t know how this person got my cell number but they texted me from 925-270-1550 asking me about selling my home.

469-310-4539   2018-08-20 16:21:59
Got same call knew my info

405-493-6790   2018-08-20 15:56:37
Silence upon answering

740-224-2027   2018-08-20 15:03:32
When I answered it was from Medical Alert.

646-849-9071   2018-08-20 14:43:52
This is a "debt consolidation" scam artist. They are not offering a loan. They want you to stop making card payments and allow them to "manage" your credit.

958-283-3564   2018-08-20 10:35:28
The call me and given the mail id as

873-780-4820   2018-08-18 20:01:21
Kaise ho T

873-780-4820   2018-08-18 20:00:38

814-442-6731   2018-08-18 18:54:17
Ordered food from my restaurant, never picked it up

314-930-2749   2018-08-17 22:35:46
Calls and leaves no message. Must be fishing

713-374-0948   2018-08-17 20:30:58
Japanese or Chinese spam Call

302-526-1463   2018-08-17 16:18:50
Terrible prope nusicence call and vugular

415-295-4717   2018-08-17 15:53:08
"IRS" scam

785-503-1482   2018-08-17 15:26:17
Search for this number...suddenly he don't answer....want to know his name and address...please

559-478-3371   2018-08-17 14:59:07
Spam. Automated voice calling regarding credit card offers

984-220-1757   2018-08-17 12:06:46
Called in the middle of night rang 1x . Guessing a wrong number?

204-818-4461   2018-08-16 21:12:03
Always calls yet when I try to return the call it says it us out of the area.

617-529-4576   2018-08-16 15:35:16
Call answered, nobody there, caller hangs up after 5-10 seconds

740-937-4480   2018-08-16 13:38:14

202-839-8510   2018-08-15 18:43:43
Scam call using an auto dialer to "verify business listing". Claiming that there is incorrect information on the net. Wanting to speak to the business owner. They also use numbers 202-688-3258, 202-335-4585, 201-597-5084

281-738-3660   2018-08-15 18:26:16
Received a call saying I won a weekend getaway - I just have to come into the office and sit for an hour for them to show me how to book it. They say the office is out of Spring, Tx.

709-704-6321   2018-08-15 17:53:31
Honest decent gentleman.

303-829-5076   2018-08-14 21:03:22
Signed up for no call list recently. Now they are bombarding me with spam. Straight bs.

628-213-8890   2018-08-13 23:57:51
Was a message on messenger said thanks for your subscription. I have no idea for what.

678-573-6996   2018-08-13 22:46:37
Calls and does not leave messages. Calls multiple times per day

863-434-7912   2018-08-13 18:28:25
Said her name was Lorraine from the Environmental Voter Project.

780-306-1485   2018-08-13 17:33:40
Automated call threatening to arrest you.

856-281-6967   2018-08-13 16:39:56
my iPhone lists it as scam likely. did not answer.

780-306-1485   2018-08-13 15:40:47
Automated voice call from 780-306-1485 claiming to be from CRA threatening arrest if I did not return phone call.

717-732-8566   2018-08-13 15:33:46
This is a scam about school loan services. We have no loans. When you call back the number it says the number is not in service. Your listing indicates that the caller is from Montrose, PA. We get this call frequently.

573-881-5736   2018-08-13 00:08:17
Hires out for odd job work, makes excuse to get money before the job and never comes back- steals your money

740-805-0453   2018-08-11 07:27:23
Total scam. Found me on line through a dating site. Then tried to scam money from me. Catfish !!!

469-310-4539   2018-08-10 23:14:32
This person said they were from the federal economic crimes division. Do not know how legit this is. I tried calling the number etc... got a person who would not give me too much information

509-255-8449   2018-08-10 23:01:51
Think this is a scam caller. Returned call and phone # discontinued. Don't get it!!!! Asked for wrong name and I hung up IMMEDIATELY!!!! BE CAREFUL

719-298-4602   2018-08-10 16:13:56
Scam posing as Amber from Social Security & that I recently made an inquiry about early retirement benefits.

607-595-2451   2018-08-08 17:59:49
Person said the authorities had warrants for my arrest and suggested I call them back...I am the authorities

765-733-0560   2018-08-08 15:48:04
Connor- said I called about a job. I said I had not. He was quiet, then said “ok...” to which I said goodbye and hung up.

757-641-6437   2018-08-08 15:01:56
Liberal Troll who calls and verbally abuses Conservatives

410-903-4533   2018-08-08 14:46:58

623-837-1609   2018-08-07 19:00:18

904-586-3067   2018-08-07 16:15:06
This number called me as well. No message. I added it to my block list.

814-889-0305   2018-08-07 14:59:28
Young lady left a message on our answering machine. Supposedly calling about Penelec supplier..advise I call back & have my Penelec bill available.. Strange that someone would call to discuss our bill from a home telephone .

988-755-1134   2018-08-07 10:53:51

941-900-4773   2018-08-06 21:59:56
Election spam

210-372-8473   2018-08-06 20:12:14
I want my phone number removed from Lone Star Liberty !!!!! Gary McAbee 903-889-2810

865-935-9803   2018-08-06 19:14:30
Ebay scam. Used name Amanda Holden and Braulio Alcaraz selling items from being moved while in air force. Taking money from people used military as a background.

626-345-6660   2018-08-06 19:00:34
I received one earlier today from Readers SVC from another phone number. Readers SVC is a SCAM

518-839-9670   2018-08-06 18:24:34
scammer calls many times. Block em Danno

779-435-5318   2018-08-06 16:44:04
Annoying leaves no messages

475-244-1011   2018-08-06 14:55:42

954-280-7030   2018-08-05 22:36:53
Jeff Greene Campaign

210-372-8473   2018-08-03 22:04:04
Hung up, left no message. Have no idea who this is or why they would be calling. Caller ID lists as Lone Star Liberty (?)

780-306-4238   2018-08-03 16:26:38
I called them back and they hung up on me. So stupid! They send a “threatening” message posing as CRA that I will be arrested if I don’t call back, but then they hang up on me when I called back as instructed.

585-252-5376   2018-08-03 14:52:50
Auto insurance non stop calls

780-306-4238   2018-08-03 14:43:53
Garbled recorded message saying they will send out an arrest warrant against you if you don't call them back at that number.

780-306-4158   2018-08-02 21:23:49
Just a scammer.

281-738-3660   2018-08-02 19:37:08
281-738-3660 is for a vacation time share. I signed up to win a Yetti at the American Fitness Expo and they said i didn't win the Yetti but won a vacation gettaway just need to tour their facility first. No thanks.

780-306-4158   2018-08-02 18:13:59
claiming there s a lawsuit being filed against you and if you don;t call back you will be arrested.

618-877-0986   2018-08-02 00:00:31
Fake number

204-818-1352   2018-08-01 19:57:55
This is the number for the Council of the Blind and well as 204- 808-2908 You can call the 800 number for them and have yourself removed from their automated calling list.

678-573-6977   2018-08-01 17:00:38
Said they had legal documents to deliver.

678-573-6994   2018-08-01 15:36:21
SCAMMER calling from a call center selling Ford Mfg warranty on cars. I asked if they could verify their legitimacy or if they were a Ford employee or Outsourcing company they hung up.

405-976-4864   2018-08-01 14:57:08
Calls. I answer. No response from caller. I hang up.

405-976-4864   2018-08-01 14:57:07
Calls. I answer. No response from caller. I hang up.

240-244-7817   2018-07-31 23:18:05
SSN being used in Texas, need to verify information.

505-206-1060   2018-07-31 22:06:22

415-856-4948   2018-07-31 21:07:11
chinese robot

818-528-4290   2018-07-31 20:54:27
This is a total scam--an actual front for a Ku Klux Klan chapter in L.A. They are trolling the general public for contributions, to fund such activities as cross-burnings, recruiting pamphlets, and terrorist acts against minority-owned businesses, and homes in black and Hispanic neighborhoods. Send money if you want to help finance bigotry and life-threatening persecution against non-white-"Christian" Nazis.

303-876-7815   2018-07-31 20:37:34

904-586-3067   2018-07-31 18:44:36
This is scam

904-586-3067   2018-07-31 18:44:06
This no. Is scam and fraud

865-935-9803   2018-07-31 17:58:43
this is a scam using ebay gift cards! they said the sale was because her husband died and she was selling the camper. Name used is Linda Stevens.

859-492-8133   2018-07-31 17:53:14
It seems that he pretended to be an automobile insurance agency and to get credit information by a renewal contract. He said, "You need immediate renewal of your auto insurance contract." I told him the name of the insurance company I had a contract with and asked him if he is calling from it. Then he hang up.

638-517-1811   2018-07-31 17:48:34
Automated voice saying: This is Visa Fraud Department calling. We are calling to advise you of suspicious activity on your Visa card starting with number 45. iTunes for$1000 and eBay purchase for $300, which we feel is not typical of your pattern of purchases. Please press 1 to allow these charges, and 2 if you wish to dispute them. Press zero to hear these options again." I phoned Visa Fraud line, they confirmed NO unauthorised activity on the card. Verdict: SCAM SCAM SCAM

304-549-3972   2018-07-31 16:48:00
Unrecognized number has called before and leaves no message

980-368-3732   2018-07-31 16:46:22
No calls, just text messages about IRS and State Tax help. I tried texted back to remove me from the contact list but they just texted back stating they had been trying to get in touch with me, very annoying.

859-782-5826   2018-07-31 07:23:07

859-539-4433   2018-07-31 07:22:01

808-762-1011   2018-07-30 22:00:05
Very disturbing call. The caller said his name was "Skylar" and greeted me with Hi (my name) this is Skylar, like I was supposed to know him. When I asked who he was he advised he was with Everest Management and wanted to make me aware of offers through his company (i.e.; free doctor's visits, free Rx, free supplies, etc.). Skylar advised he had all my information, he did have the correct spelling of my last name, which is unusual even for legitimate callers. I asked how he obtained my information, he advised I submitted it over the phone to a caller such as himself. At that point I knew this had to be a scam for I have never given any medical information or personal information over the phone to any organization I was not professionally affiliated. I said I was not interested and hung-up the phone. Beware.

808-762-1011   2018-07-30 21:02:39
Call me informing me that they have my health information. Reported that they were checking on Rx sent to me. I'm not had any MD appointments or meds sent to me. Would not give me contact information. likely a scam

206-450-0889   2018-07-30 17:24:28
Scammer saying there are 4 records against me and that the local cops will pick me up. Tell them to come on and my daughter will video it!

949-265-4577   2018-07-30 16:28:31
This number is from a mortgage company called Mr. Cooper (formally NationStar)

865-935-9803   2018-07-30 14:58:28
This is being used in a totally illegal scam operation!

987-707-9322   2018-07-30 05:15:14
9877079322. Vikas Madhavah

987-707-9322   2018-07-30 05:15:13
9877079322. Vikas Madhavah

987-707-9322   2018-07-30 05:15:12
9877079322. Vikas Madhavah

987-707-9322   2018-07-30 05:15:12
9877079322. Vikas Madhavah

987-707-9322   2018-07-30 05:15:11
9877079322. Vikas Madhavah

987-707-9322   2018-07-30 05:15:10
9877079322. Vikas Madhavah

987-707-9322   2018-07-30 05:15:09
9877079322. Vikas Madhavah

719-398-0506   2018-07-28 23:17:34
received a text about FICO

628-213-8723   2018-07-28 20:44:56
called twice and left message saying that my icloud account was breached. seemed like an Apple CS tech. in reality seems more like another scam

213-805-3221   2018-07-28 18:56:21
Was not in vicinity of phone, so it went to voicemail. Woman spoke with foreign language. Couldn't understand her. Blocked call.

559-259-7577   2018-07-27 20:57:41
Missed call, no message. Very close to my number.

304-638-8434   2018-07-27 19:07:30
Number called and I missed call. When I asked them via text you it was, they claimed they did not call. Scam?

966-702-7115   2018-07-27 15:43:23
Lavkush thakur

601-340-8398   2018-07-27 15:13:32
I missed the and when I called it back I got a message to call back on a landline. I also got a text message saying I am ready to help are you going to be able to talk today.? in the text they knew my first name.

415-964-1888   2018-07-26 23:42:02
Apparent online dating scammer - identity thief - will soon as for money.

318-525-1913   2018-07-26 20:59:08
this is a prank call that I have 4 serious allegations against me... not true

780-306-1790   2018-07-26 20:17:09
Indicated there was a lawsuit for my name, did not say my name, and a warrent for my assest was being issued.

865-935-9803   2018-07-26 19:49:49
This is a scammer. They are running eBay gift card scams. (I’m sure more too) wanted me to give him the numbers off eBay gift cards. Beware these guys are scamming

281-659-3662   2018-07-26 18:30:00
Caller by name of Judith Goldman called me to get me to sell my timeshare---requested I send money.

425-273-1701   2018-07-26 17:53:58
Unknown number. Answered and was an automated message about lowering interest rate on credit card. Pressed 1 to speak with agent. Call sounded like it was transferred off shore (India). I asked for my number to be taken off the list and was told NO and the man hung up. Block this number!

415-852-1508   2018-07-26 13:51:14
सुहैलआप काफेन 6397131965

415-852-1508   2018-07-26 13:49:05
सुहैलआकाफेन 6397131965

623-469-7892   2018-07-26 13:43:07
6397131965 6397131965 6397131965 6397131965

805-747-5700   2018-07-26 02:59:45

780-306-1495   2018-07-25 20:15:11
CRA scam call from this #.

309-778-6542   2018-07-25 16:20:36
Robot call about health Insurance I never signed up for. The robot waits for you to say 'yes' but I did not. Never say yes to anyone who calls you. Ask who they are & why are they calling your number. They hung up really quick when you ask questions.

763-232-5697   2018-07-24 22:31:05
Calls 3 to 4 times a day.

773-740-6502   2018-07-24 16:15:57
Automated call at 3:39 am ...unable to call back....This is a scam call for ComEd....

415-852-1508   2018-07-23 19:19:45
Another one of those Chinese language recorded calls. Female voice.

734-235-0966   2018-07-23 17:40:50
Received a recording that just said "you have been notified" and then the phone went dead.

763-325-2434   2018-07-23 17:20:40
Automated system regarding Government something. Didn't listed to entire message

929-403-4145   2018-07-22 17:36:45
A real person but they had the wrong number.

616-274-9036   2018-07-20 21:26:53
Idk who this is

203-862-0217   2018-07-20 15:56:07
Female voice said "federal agent to resolve this issue sooner call this number". This call came through even though my number is listed on the do not call list with the FTC. I will file a report on that site as well.

434-658-0883   2018-07-20 15:30:41
Called me in the UK with a missed ca

780-306-1809   2018-07-20 11:43:03
6397131965 6397131965

780-306-1809   2018-07-20 11:39:48
6397131965 6397131965 6397131965

780-306-1809   2018-07-20 11:35:03
639 6397131965

780-306-1487   2018-07-19 23:42:10
This number called to inform me that my house was being watched and that I was in danger and to keep myself safe I need to call this number back or else physical harm may come to me

619-631-3559   2018-07-19 22:34:09
States they’re Apple ID customer services

678-712-5979   2018-07-19 19:59:07

901-444-5728   2018-07-19 19:35:13
Rude scammer

204-818-4461   2018-07-19 19:33:35
This number called twice, and I answered the second time and said hello, the voice said hello? It sounded like a female teenagers voice, and there was talking in the background, I asked who is this? Then she hung up

817-592-1161   2018-07-19 16:26:54
Called pretending to be a hotel that I was staying at, but with an area code from a completely different city? That didn't make sense. They asked me to verify my credit card info because there was a mistake with my reservation so I hung up and called the front desk, they had no idea what I was talking about and said my credit card was fine and that they would never ask for that info over the phone.

254-563-3890   2018-07-19 16:22:58
This number showed u on my husband cell phone..And they said they did not call him.

780-306-1809   2018-07-19 14:23:42
Caller left message saying he was from Cra, saying criminal charges was issued for my arrest

780-306-1921   2018-07-19 00:13:09
CRA scam - threaten to issue arrest warrant etc...sigh

774-893-8739   2018-07-18 22:52:41
How do they my phone number to message me ? Better question how do I get rid of unwanted messages ?

415-295-4801   2018-07-18 20:02:00
Pretending to be the IRS - scammer!

501-514-9447   2018-07-18 19:13:21
want to know balance on credit cards, exp dates on cards

203-862-0217   2018-07-18 18:14:43
VM "Ignoring this call will be an intentional attempt to avoid initial appearance in front of a magistrate judge or jury..." SERIOUSLY

831-201-1328   2018-07-18 17:49:33
Debt Collection

580-337-7562   2018-07-18 17:22:03
I didn't answer but it is an unknown number I do not have it in my contacts and it keeps calling me I was just searching to find out if it was just a wrong number or on purpous

516-499-9529   2018-07-18 15:36:11

780-306-1530   2018-07-18 14:04:51
ALERT: computer generated voice that threatens the home owner with legal action if they don't call back a secondary number: 15872004505 = SCAM

914-956-9667   2018-07-18 03:29:32

559-888-7101   2018-07-17 23:18:16
Text message using my name and indicating readiness to respond to my supposed request for a home valuation. I made no initial contact nor request, and 888 prefix is usually a marketing prefix. No response yet to my text reply.

805-248-7772   2018-07-17 23:08:32
When they said the were IRS and would have the "cops" come after me, I knew it was fake. "Law enforcement" might had held my interest for another nanosecond, but I know the IRS doesn't do that kind of stuff.

717-706-4918   2018-07-17 20:37:35

780-306-1816   2018-07-17 20:29:59
Just so you know that this phone number is a scammer. He said that I have a case in CRA which is not true. I don't believe this guy.

414-296-0855   2018-07-17 20:06:08
Calls but leaves no message.

650-219-0964   2018-07-17 20:03:17
Person claims he is from IRS and demanded to respond to them otherwise IRS will file a FRAUD case against us. What a hoax!

505-206-9938   2018-07-17 18:27:11
Robo caller- SCAMMER.

727-482-6171   2018-07-17 18:23:55

415-295-4801   2018-07-17 18:10:40
Left vmail stating the IRS will file suit Scam !

775-319-6122   2018-07-17 17:18:02
I tried calling number back but its a busy signal, so must be spam

610-880-2684   2018-07-17 16:12:21
no message left - spam

780-306-1691   2018-07-17 15:10:43
Automated call saying that a law suite has been filled and that if I do not call back, an arrest warrant will be issued.

956-627-2897   2018-07-17 09:25:44
Prank Caller

530-786-1261   2018-07-17 05:22:06
Missed call no msg left on voicemail

203-862-0217   2018-07-17 00:39:23
said IRS issued arrest warrant for me

800-503-9531   2018-07-16 23:12:45
This is a legitimate agent/recruiter for the financial and insurance industry.

805-248-7772   2018-07-16 22:14:31
i called them and told them i was a real irs agent and they said "fuck you" i love to mess with these scammers

805-248-7772   2018-07-16 22:09:53
says they are the irs but its a verizon wireless number... total scam

936-645-3638   2018-07-16 21:13:47

805-248-7772   2018-07-16 21:08:33
Irs no way

780-306-1753   2018-07-16 19:17:00
Message is left saying that legal proceedings have been started against you, that your house is under surveillance and not to ignore this phone call. Sounds like a scam and not a very clever one at that!

623-469-7892   2018-07-16 18:48:12
calls 2-3 times a day, if you answer your phone, no one is there

415-852-2219   2018-07-16 16:41:09
Suspected robocall. No message left for me; can't reach because always busy.

303-829-8385   2018-07-16 16:25:59
Several calls from this number....NEVER leaves a message.

984-900-2589   2018-07-16 12:05:32

270-984-5916   2018-07-16 02:09:20
This is a scanner using fake or stolen FB accounts.

204-818-4461   2018-07-15 17:22:30
caller said they're doing some sort of info gathering, asked if I buy bottled water. I told the lady that I'm not interested in taking part, then I hung up

204-818-4461   2018-07-14 23:40:43
I have been getting calls from this number at least once per day and it's REALLY starting to get annoying. The caller ID shows only the number but not name, no "unknown" or "private" or anything else in place of a name. And whoever keeps calling me from this number NEVER leaves a single message. I know for a fact that I have voice messaging. If anyone else is having similar issues coming from this number, please avoid and even block if you are able to. They seem to waste time calling but never leaving a message, never coming up on the caller ID with any names, and they call at least once per day. Thankfully i keep my ringer turned off 24/7 (which is basically the main reason I ask people to leave message). Otherwise I would hear my phone's ringer going off once per day as well. NOTE: If this keeps happening, I will report them as a scammer

204-818-4461   2018-07-14 23:00:20
I said hello twice, nobody answered, and then the call disconnected. I heard some noise in the background, but it wasn’t clear.

865-276-8143   2018-07-14 22:47:53
Spam caller

212-599-8787   2018-07-14 18:36:35
Stop call. Me

780-306-1799   2018-07-14 16:50:42
Scammers do not answer

713-352-6031   2018-07-14 01:04:13
This is a scammer. Preys on old people to get gift cards.

904-406-7985   2018-07-13 21:05:30
Called back busy tone

780-306-4170   2018-07-13 18:28:33
scammer leaving voicemails from revenue canada

780-306-1647   2018-07-13 17:29:14
No call just voice mail, something about surveillance and if I don't call back the legal ramifications will unfold before me. The voice was not human. No business name was given the voice mail has part of the beginning missing. Sounds like a scam to me.

972-293-2002   2018-07-13 15:53:44
Caller says nothing, leaves no message.

780-306-1875   2018-07-13 14:36:59
Male voice 💁🏻

843-371-3759   2018-07-13 13:59:39
Text message saying, " Hi This is Caroline Perkins and I had registered on my website, and wanted to reach out to you . Do you have time to discuss your home search? Thanks so much

719-203-1479   2018-07-13 02:27:04
didn't leave a message

780-306-1726   2018-07-12 19:28:22
Saying they are Canada Revenue Agence and that there is a claim against my name. Said if i dont return the call they will come to my house and have me arrested.

585-205-3351   2018-07-12 19:21:28
they keep calling and there is noise in the back ground but no one talks. getting many calls from them.

780-306-4191   2018-07-12 13:57:28
Called and left a message regarding a warrant for your arrest

780-306-1784   2018-07-12 13:28:19
1-780-306-1784 was threaten to arrest you if you do not return this call

989-467-3014   2018-07-12 03:16:14
Recieved a text from this number for FlipKart, an electronics retailer in India. It was a "hurry and reply within 10 minutes!" offer. Possible phishing attempt.

661-689-1375   2018-07-12 01:01:40
I answered and got a prerecorded message that said, "Hi, this is Judy, your Google specialist..." Them I hung up. Just another scammer.

780-306-1784   2018-07-11 23:02:06
“This message I want you to get back to me on my _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ is 780-306-1784 I repeat 780-306-1784 now if we don't hear from you we have to issues rest warrant under your name and get you all rested so get back to me _⁠_ soon as possible thank you…”

780-306-1784   2018-07-11 22:53:08
Call to request that I phone that number right away or a warrent will be issued for my arrest. Automated call from a scammer

832-474-3428   2018-07-11 18:47:00

914-661-9162   2018-07-11 15:34:18
Annoyingly persistent. I don’t snswer

320-304-9268   2018-07-11 15:00:33
This dudes a faggot

832-474-3533   2018-07-11 11:21:05
She called me while i was about to enter surgery, then sent my return calls to voicemail. I understand and mistakes...but an apology would have been appropriate and accepted

937-353-1768   2018-07-11 04:23:30
The Owner of this phone number is a Romance Scammer. He attempted to scam a family member out of thousands of dollars for his "Business". Please Heed This Warning.

347-587-8655   2018-07-10 22:02:25
IRS SCAM CALLERS. So laughingly bad. Since when does the government not send you letters first through the US MAIL?! I've owed taxes before in the distant past and never got a call. Only LETTERS IN THE MAIL. The IRS NEVER calls you, they send you a bill multiple times first through the US Postal Service. See the official IRS.GOV website for more information on these know scams:

780-306-1485   2018-07-10 20:15:27

323-627-5289   2018-07-10 19:28:35
Missed call, no message, return call goes to "not in service". I suspect political party robocall.

780-306-1485   2018-07-10 18:20:21
Appears to be the CRA wanting me to call back or a warrant will be issued for my arrest. Scammers.

347-587-8655   2018-07-10 18:11:16
IRS Scam

469-310-4542   2018-07-10 17:32:46
Spam spam spam. Lies lies lies...said I had a warrant for a felony. I'm a cop. LIES

816-341-2969   2018-07-10 17:28:45

385-444-3410   2018-07-10 17:19:47
RC Planet. Online order is ready for pick-up.

727-247-6357   2018-07-10 17:11:52
Robo-caller. Hang up immediately!

727-247-6357   2018-07-10 17:10:41
Robo-caller. Hang up immediately!

727-247-6357   2018-07-10 17:07:47
DO NOT ANSWER - This is a phishing scheme in which the only goal is ripoff as much money from you as possible.

727-247-6357   2018-07-10 17:03:44
Left no voicemail message; probably annoying robo-caller phishing for a human voice.

708-959-3448   2018-07-10 16:40:36

708-959-3448   2018-07-10 16:35:41

780-306-1883   2018-07-10 16:15:47
Scam call about an issue i need to call them back or else an issue for my arrest. only got part of the message as the machine started talking before my voicemail greeting could finish.

416-997-8462   2018-07-09 23:57:47

252-955-8198   2018-07-09 23:26:27
Fucking scammer

310-971-2117   2018-07-09 23:00:27
I don't know who this company is and why they would be calling me

949-273-2677   2018-07-09 22:17:54
Says it helps with IRS Debts. Text message

901-502-8797   2018-07-09 22:03:43
i want this mobile number

469-408-0153   2018-07-09 21:29:43
Didn't leave a message.

281-413-3593   2018-07-09 21:25:36
3 missed calls Left no message

780-306-1885   2018-07-09 18:15:27
Registered voice claim to be from Canada Revenue Agency telling there is a lawsuit against me. Voice ask me to call back at this number now, unless an arrest bond (?) will be issued and I will be arrested. 100% phishing call. 100% attempted fraud

503-295-2365   2018-07-09 16:11:43
Received a robot like message from a Office Charlie Williams Windows security headquarters. Message stated that my IP address had been used in cyber hacking, requested I call 800.270.7432 or my computer would be shut down. The number that Called was from a Portland Oregon phone number 503.295.2365. Scam......

629-692-8587   2018-07-09 15:39:21
Continuously harrasing me

780-306-1885   2018-07-09 15:28:06
this seems to be FAKE CRA automated call

520-301-2148   2018-07-08 16:57:36
person like to harrass people

260-435-2741   2018-07-08 04:55:41
Said they were calling from Microsoft about my computer. I said I'm not interested and hung up.

817-437-0313   2018-07-08 04:14:54
Sent instulting comments to a chid.

719-480-8659   2018-07-08 02:05:10
‭+1 (719) 480-8659‬ Called, during supper of course, & left no message.

623-469-7821   2018-07-07 16:15:48
3 phone calls through out the day. Sometimes says Arizona other times Mexico. No messages were left.

518-615-6840   2018-07-07 00:17:45
Local police coming to get me

518-615-6840   2018-07-07 00:17:21

773-870-5586   2018-07-06 19:23:59
Called and hung up. Probably spam.

571-205-6804   2018-07-06 19:01:33
Beware! Beware! I called this guy for what I thought was a legit massage. I invited him over to my house for the appointment as his ad stated he was a GAY "massage therapist". He became very aggressive toward me during the massage and demanded I engage in sex and pay for it which I did not want or have sex with him. After showering i came to my living room and he was gone. Later that week i discovered my watches and several pieces of expensive jewelry was missing. He is wanted in other states for theft and drugs. Beware of this guy. "VASILE"

614-350-6880   2018-07-06 17:58:51
NO identifying information, automated call, threatens that "I will be taken under custody by local cops; call before we take serious legal action against you"

310-438-7865   2018-07-06 17:24:06
Caller tried to get me to give credit card info saying they had to reimburse me for a service performed several years ago. He has a very thick, perhaps Pakistani accent. I told him to either keep the money or mail me a check. I asked that he put me on a do-not-call-list and he hung up on me. Hmmm, how rude!

623-469-9794   2018-07-06 17:11:18
Calls and hangs up leaving no message!

614-350-6883   2018-07-06 16:05:41
Scammer- IRS - arrest warrant

918-221-3657   2018-07-06 00:17:56
This number calls frequently. I let the answering machine take it, but they never leave a message. Very annoying. Can't find out who they are.

415-852-6211   2018-07-05 17:45:53
Always leaves Chinese recorded voice message. Very annoying.

607-363-4056   2018-07-05 15:54:57
This is a scam caller

780-306-4170   2018-07-05 14:53:33
No message left, if it was Revenue Canada they would have left a message. It more than likely is a scam

856-712-5728   2018-07-05 02:10:48
Received 3 texts in a week Just saying hi my name, hello good morning I text back Who is this? No reply ???

780-306-4170   2018-07-04 21:29:31
Scam revenue canada

780-306-4170   2018-07-04 19:11:35
revenue canada scam

415-891-4254   2018-07-04 04:52:29

614-350-6881   2018-07-04 03:57:18
This caller said I was going to be arrested and they were going to seize all my possessions...

780-306-1881   2018-07-04 00:58:35
Recorded message from CRA (canadian revenue agency) saying a lawsuit would be filled against me if I didn't call back. Number given in message is same as calling number. Calling back there was no answer. My name was not mentioned. I thought I missed an important letter from CRA or something but considering the context it seems like a bad scam.. but to what purpose???

614-350-6881   2018-07-04 00:55:44
This person said the same thing state of Ohio taxes from 6 years ago and I was going to prison and it was going to arrest me within 48 hours

614-350-6881   2018-07-04 00:52:28
the person from this number said i was going to jail if i don't pay my taxes from 6 years ago this is a second fraud call i got from 2 different numbers. he said its the federal officer of government. He had poor english

917-370-2923   2018-07-03 21:29:52
This is a scammer!!

614-350-6883   2018-07-03 20:56:06

780-306-1870   2018-07-03 18:57:43
Claimed that a lawsuit was being issued in my name and that if I didn't call the number back they would arrest me. ... Lol. Guess I'm going to jail. It was a computerized voice.

833-498-9450   2018-07-03 18:13:45
Centurylink business rep

574-281-0417   2018-07-03 17:22:56
Scammer - Claiming to be IRS

780-306-1810   2018-07-03 17:03:37
They say if I don’t call they will arrest me!

574-349-9225   2018-07-03 15:15:19
Calls about once a day will not leave a voicemail.

630-491-0100   2018-07-03 14:48:50
trying to sell car warranty

614-350-6883   2018-07-02 23:56:09
this number called me around 1 PM of the day but I dropped it cause I was busy at work, listened to the voice mail afterwards and a automated voice saying something about... "A(or Your) physical property is under state of investigation and that it is very important that you call us before we issue an arrest warrant or any legal prosecution against you, our department call back number with area code (614) 350-6883, again 614-350-6883 thankyou..." and about 12 seconds of silence before the voicemail was over. contemplating whether or not to call back, cause normally with stuff like this I expect some sort of identification or sampling saying who they are or who that call back number is.

415-852-5558   2018-07-02 23:14:18
Scammer, female Mandarin recording, about Chinese consulate docs.

614-350-6882   2018-07-02 21:41:23
Just got a call saying the same thing about being arrested and I tried to call Back but no one answers. SCAM!!

604-700-4275   2018-07-02 21:09:03
Sex offender

614-350-6882   2018-07-02 21:08:05
Got a phone stating it was a detective on behalf of the IRS was going to have me arrested in one hour if I dont call this number back. I have had several of these and if I block the number it comes from another state the next time. Funny how tax paying law abiding citizens get harassed.

270-755-6587   2018-07-02 21:07:55
Credit card scammer!

415-852-2283   2018-07-02 20:40:30
Spam call. Leaves recorded message in Chinese. I don't speak Chinese. Number blocked.

780-306-4177   2018-07-02 20:21:54
cra scam

614-350-6882   2018-07-02 18:11:04
Got a phone stating the IRS was going to have me arrested in one hour if I dont call this number back funny I'm on disability haven't filed taxes in years Scam

415-852-2236   2018-07-02 18:06:42
Automated call in Chinese, not sure what it says...

614-350-6882   2018-07-02 17:08:11
I just got a call from this number 614-350-6882 .It was a recording saying about IRS. Going to be coming to arrest me with in one hour . That was it is this a a scam?

614-350-6883   2018-07-02 16:33:44
Calling about an arrest warrant

334-828-3617   2018-06-30 06:05:32
This number sent a text message to my brother in law phone. How is it able if a landline?

231-375-9517   2018-06-30 00:33:29
Hey buddy

416-416-6666   2018-06-29 20:04:33
Automated threatening call from CRA, scammers.

415-852-3949   2018-06-29 18:35:03
in chinese

650-219-0969   2018-06-29 17:26:54
Called 6/29/17. "This is a call regarding a payment you made in 2017 for $299. If you would like a refund, press 2". I hung up.

650-219-0969   2018-06-29 16:50:33
They have called for the last few days every 10 to 15 minutes. I don't answer but they are relentless. No one should have to hear the phone ring this many times a day not to mention other scan calls.

719-203-1479   2018-06-29 02:33:27
Suspicious. Left no message. Friends leave messages.

239-789-5533   2018-06-28 22:48:51
Just received a random text from this number

206-877-7338   2018-06-28 21:49:49
Called my cell phone twice, left no messages.

646-353-3703   2018-06-28 20:22:57
Who is he

303-876-7815   2018-06-27 23:27:03
Persistent calling

226-271-7031   2018-06-27 23:07:20
Claiming to be Forsyth analytica

513-487-7341   2018-06-27 17:45:12
Auto dialed my cell phone

443-993-0698   2018-06-27 14:53:13
Said they were IRS asked for personal info

443-993-0698   2018-06-27 14:52:38
Said they were IRS asked for personal info

443-993-0698   2018-06-27 14:52:38
Said they were IRS asked for personal info

406-998-0149   2018-06-27 08:17:21
Student loan scam

334-349-2880   2018-06-26 22:32:03
Obnoxious, unintelligible.....trying to sell something.....he did not speak English, or he was from Selma---the same difference

415-295-4566   2018-06-26 16:41:22

979-341-1866   2018-06-26 08:33:46
Posted auto on Craigslist and got aggressive texts demanding information on vehicle. Told person I'm an otr truck driver and would be happy to answer questions if they called. Kept getting aggressive texts demanding more info. Feels like a scam.

587-357-1324   2018-06-26 00:48:04
Random txt

505-423-8752   2018-06-25 20:59:15
Multiple missed calls, no message

415-852-1576   2018-06-25 20:28:52

860-459-5706   2018-06-24 15:46:30

334-478-0018   2018-06-23 22:37:28

334-478-0018   2018-06-23 22:37:07
scammer, child abusers

302-783-6937   2018-06-22 20:18:28
Suspect spam. What is a 950 wire?

313-875-4450   2018-06-22 19:09:44
Called back and recording says not in service

470-357-1230   2018-06-22 17:12:38
Threatening me to be arrested.

718-215-7755   2018-06-22 13:16:01
Scammers left recording cut off in beginning and stating you will be arrested on charges in that state

876-628-6025   2018-06-21 17:40:53

876-628-6025   2018-06-21 17:40:53

865-601-8601   2018-06-21 17:20:55
I answered. Silence, then hang up.

855-317-4959   2018-06-21 16:18:45
Chinese automated message I'm not sure what it says but its so annoying

647-824-7708   2018-06-21 15:09:57
They were very abusive for no reasons

207-952-3599   2018-06-21 00:34:09
Claims to be a speech impediment graduate from west pointe. Who is now a financial advisor looking some to book hotels and speaking to clients. Since he travel quite often and take care of my affairs. TOTAL BS. SCAMMER DELUXE.

757-371-7926   2018-06-21 00:12:25
Calls couple times a day and leaves no messages. I am on DO NOT CALL REGISTRY.

914-660-8708   2018-06-20 23:37:27
Received a call tonight from this number. The man had a thick accent and said I was the recipient of a full grant finally got me to say the word “yes” because all I had said was no and remove me... and he immediately hung up on me... I am really on alert now.

207-952-3594   2018-06-20 17:14:45

405-493-6257   2018-06-19 23:35:36
Cable TV scam - 2 years with 175 channels for $10.00 a month

530-377-9352   2018-06-19 21:21:13
When i called this number back it just beeped about 3 times or so and then hung up on me.

207-952-3594   2018-06-19 20:25:25
Iam not sure if its a scam.

919-522-2903   2018-06-19 18:28:50
I looked up who phone number it is. It's Tammy Griffith/Tammy Reade phone number. I quickly blocked her because I know who she is. She cleaned my house back in 2015. All though she did a good job, the racist comments she was saying about white people that was caught on my home surveillance camera was just sickening & hurtful.

346-424-3046   2018-06-18 20:40:39
this jackass tried to get me to say yes to transfer money to india. If you say yes to any of their questions, they will isolate the yes and use it for your approval to transfer money from your account.

415-852-9578   2018-06-18 20:28:07
Chinese automatic scam.

920-310-0079   2018-06-18 20:25:47
Caller claimed to be from Microsoft. Hung up on me when I asked what the call was regarding.

678-573-6986   2018-06-18 13:40:15
Unknown number

415-852-3949   2018-06-15 18:03:23
Sounds like a scam. Left a voicemail speaking in another language

609-672-3984   2018-06-15 12:11:45
Got a text from this message saying “YOU C*NT.. C*NT...... DEATH TO F*GS” Haven’t responded, not sure what to do. Have no idea who this is..

504-418-3023   2018-06-14 22:55:04
Threatened me with all kind of things, such as jail, foreclosure etc.. funny I don't own a house!!

226-271-6774   2018-06-14 18:27:10
scam, do not talk to them

303-557-3620   2018-06-14 16:26:16
Multiple calls, leaves no message.

780-306-4191   2018-06-14 12:26:58
Leaves automated message stating unless you call this number you will be arrested.

226-271-6774   2018-06-14 12:17:48
I have reported these people to the police and given them copies of the voicemail and conversation i had with them, they will be getting a visit from a REAL officer soon

226-271-6774   2018-06-14 12:16:30
CRA scam, do not call them back, reported to the police

226-271-6774   2018-06-13 21:48:20
CRA scam

415-899-7811   2018-06-13 20:44:24
We've been monitoring your credit report and you are now eligible for blah, blah, blah.

716-513-8872   2018-06-13 17:02:26
Automated call. Referencing charges and allegations for criminal activity. Probably a scammer trying to get information.

780-306-4191   2018-06-13 15:55:20
leaves automated message that unless you call number back and warrant will be issued for your arrest

716-513-8872   2018-06-13 14:35:42
Scammers !

716-513-8872   2018-06-13 14:23:45
Fake police scam

917-585-8137   2018-06-13 13:23:21
Called me but when I called them back it was busy. Strange....

415-852-2217   2018-06-11 20:31:55
Called my cell. Didn't leave a message.

863-268-5865   2018-06-05 12:09:55
Rapid Auto Disposal they pick up junk cars

226-271-2672   2018-06-04 15:28:56
This guy claims to be officer Shawn carter cra hot line. I or my lawyer must contact him or it will be very bad.

415-669-0033   2018-06-03 18:22:56
My electricity usage has been red flagged as a high user (not true) I can have windows, insulation etc done using a government rebate (?)

415-856-5974   2018-05-28 17:39:18
No message left on voicemail.

206-995-9989   2018-05-24 23:42:07
Missed Call

289-691-1554   2018-05-18 16:33:27

206-301-4641   2018-05-17 17:27:58
Running a credit card scam operation in a boiler room call center. Lots of cussing in the background and talk of "apps".

415-849-1038   2018-05-16 15:58:53
Keeps calling me. Leaves no messages.

415-852-7014   2018-05-11 00:33:11
Pornographic text. Blocking this number

415-852-5379   2018-05-10 17:03:43
Did not recognize number so I let it go to voicemail, the message was left in Chinese and considering I only speak English I have sense blocked the number.

520-443-3097   2018-05-10 15:26:19
No one tgere

415-852-0192   2018-05-06 00:09:59
The caller said he called from Chinese Ambassy and asked for my passport number.

206-205-0500   2018-04-15 06:28:00
Hello, World!

415-852-5918   2018-04-14 14:39:57
Those are liars. Should be sent to jail.

401-539-3485   2018-04-14 14:39:57

520-355-0784   2018-04-14 14:39:57
Scammer contacted me via text about my used car for sale on Craigslist. Below is the exact text message I received: hi i see wanna a car....i want to buy a car...can i call you now...?

613-512-1068   2018-04-14 14:39:57
I just received a call from them and I called back wondering what it is about....and of course its a scam ...

613-512-1068   2018-04-14 14:39:57
SCAM! Please DO NOT return call to this number!

914-434-1911   2018-04-14 14:39:57

226-215-4207   2018-04-14 14:39:57
Very threatening! Legal action by CRA again.

613-265-1293   2018-04-14 14:39:57
this phone number is a scam about duct cleaning, they come in and all of sudden you need new ducts and a new furnace even though you already have new ducts and a new furnace.

814-874-7206   2018-04-14 14:39:57
Had a missed call from this number, tried to call it back and got a recording saying the number was disconnected to please try again later.

707-306-6609   2018-04-14 14:39:57
Extortion texter.

289-975-9773   2018-04-14 14:39:57
Claims to live at 200 Dufferin st. Calls and harrasses escorts.

559-410-2586   2018-04-14 14:39:57
Sounds like a scam

626-384-0847   2018-04-14 14:39:57
Possible scammer.

613-512-1068   2018-04-14 14:39:57
Received call from 6135121068 Call back otherwise you get arrested Receive the call yesterday twice pls arrest these kind of bad people.

334-339-9676   2018-04-14 14:39:57
he claimed he works in real state consultant from little rock Arkansas in USA. he have a client mr. Dalton James the former mator of little rock Arkansas and he want to invest 3 million dollars so in the end he is a fraud.